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Introduction to Joe Paine

Joe Paine is a product and furniture design label aiming at creating products that are inventive but simple, sophisticated without pretension, with a focus on outdoor applications, plants and bird life.

A Johannesburg-based “designer-maker” studied design at Wits and launched Joe Paine in 2008, winning an Elle Decoration International Design Award the same year for the much loved Kreep planter, with a further award for emerging designer of the year and his Forrester planter and Mechanical Bureau both being nominated as one of the most beautiful objects in South Africa.

The products range from plant solutions for the home, indoor and outdoor furniture, levitating candles and more are conceived by innovation and invention, born through modernist ideals, understood through prototype and experience, and finally evolve into unique and original objects.

The process / positioning

My products do not purely rely on visual aesthetics alone. How the user interacts with the product is very important to me. Many of my products are developed from my custom clients’ needs. The aesthetic in the tangible use of a product is very important, A table need not just be a surface, or a planter need not be just a vessel, but rather these are platforms for the better enjoyment these objects that make life better in our built environment.

Jeez, so serious!