Fold Feeder

Fold Feeder

Bright Yellow | Galvanised mild steel

Inspired by paper origami birds, the Fold Feeder subtly resembles a perched Giant Eagle Owl. Don’t see it? Ah well, you can’t please them all. Bent from a single steel sheet, its construction resembles origami on an industrial level. Fully rodent-proof, this feeder attracts more birds to your garden, without the pests.

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390 (width) x 260 (height) x 160 (depth) mm

Colours and materials

Bright Yellow galvanised mild steel. Also available in Ice White.


Clean using a non-abrasive detergent. Do not clean with thinners or solvents. Keep feeding the birds. Stopping the feeding will result in the loss of food security and will stress the birds out.

The birds are not using it, what do I do?

Nothing at first, as they take time to find and get used to the feeder. Feed with seed and/or fruit. Serve a constant supply of fruit, and you may get Crested Barbets.

Does the feeder come with the ceramic bird in the photo?

Sadly not.

Does it include real birds?


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