Kreep LX

Kreep LX

Ice White | Spun steel pots
Ice White | Galvanised mild steel frame

Like a creeper grows and adapts to the wall it clings to, so too does the botanically inspired Kreep modular planting system, which can be customised into any unlimited configurations, and is suitable for outdoor use. Use the smaller pots to germinate a seed or succulent’s offshoot. The Kreep Planter is indigenous to South Africa.

Best outdoor product of 2009, as voted by EDIDA.

Pots are included and are handmade from spun steel.

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R4 000


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As per user configuration

Colour and Materials

Ice White spun steel pots, Ice White mild steel frame. Pots also available in Bright Yellow or Satin Black.


Clean using a non-abrasive detergent. Do not clean with thinners or solvents. Make sure plants are correctly watered and receive the right amount of sunlight according to their specific needs.

House and Leisure

"If you’re looking for something different and fun with which to decorate your walls, have a look at Joe Paine’s Kreep Planter."

Financial Times London

South African designer Joe Paine’s Kreep Planter, with its multi-pot-holding steel arms, is a great addition to wall-mounted planters.

Will it fit my wall? 

Yes, most likely. Kreep LX can be manipulated to a shape and size that will fit most walls. If the wall is less than 550mm in width, you may encounter an overlap. Contact us if you would like us to send you a possible configuration for the wall on which you intend installing it.

Does it include plants?


Can I install it onto a drywall?

Yes, but it is not recommended. The unit also does not include drywall fasteners. Joe Paine accepts no responsibility for botched installations. Contact us or speak to a professional if you are unsure. We will be happy to advise according to your installation requirements.

Can it be used indoors and/or outdoors?

Yes, the unit is galvanized against rusting. However, if the unit is situated at the coast, we recommend installing it out of any direct rainfall, as the finishing will last longer.

If I choose to install it in my nice lounge, will it drip on my nice carpet?

Yes. We suggest removing the pots and watering the plants outside, allowing for proper drainage and giving them some sun. Return the pots to the frame after about 30 minutes. Your plants will love you for the extra rays.

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