Self Help Side Table

Self Help Side Table

Wood | American ash top | Matte Black | Mild steel chassis | Bronze | Anodised aluminium candle holder

Put all your bedside paraphernalia on this table while the candle holder adds extra romance when you need it. It’s also got a mezzanine layer to hide the things you might be shy about, like all those self-help books you secretly buy from Amazon in January when you realise all the goals you set yourself the previous year are now just broken promises.

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R4 400


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400 (diameter) x 1000 (height) mm (excluding candle holder)

Colours and materials

Matte Black mild steel chassis with solid American ash worktop and Bronze anodised aluminium candle holder. Also available in Matte White mild steel chassis with solid American ash worktop and Brass anodised aluminium candle holder.


Clean using a non-abrasive detergent. Do not clean with thinners or solvents. Clean candle holder using hot water to melt the wax and paper towel to dab any excess wax, taking care not to scald your hands on the hot metal or water.

Marijke Willems

Ooooh Jisssss!!

Can I get the table in other colours, material combinations and sizes?

Nope. Sorry. Don't even try asking.

Does it come with a light instead of the candle holder?

I am thinking about it. Maybe in the future, watch this space.

Why is it round?

It's actually flat, like the Earth.

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