Wrap Writing Bureau | Large

Wrap Writing Bureau | Large

Wood | Solid Kiaat worktop |
Matte Black | Mild steel chassis | 
Gloss White | Glazed ceramic pots

The Wrap Bureau is designed to offer you a small personal space to work on a laptop, creating an isolated and personal environment. The ceramic vessel can be used to contain plants, stationary or the severed heads of people who got all up in yo face while you were doing your tax.

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R13 200


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1300 (width) x 590 (depth) x 1010 (height) mm

Colours and materials

Matte Black mild steel chassis with solid kiaat worktop and Gloss White ceramic storage vessels. Also available in Gloss white mild steel chassis with solid American ash worktop and Gloss white ceramic storage vessels.


Clean using a non-abrasive detergent. Do not clean with thinners or solvents. Make sure plants are correctly watered and receive the right amount of sunlight according to their specific needs.

Andrew Sprawson

'I just love my new “Don’t come near me, I am working” space. I feel invincible when using it, and I doubt I can ever go back to a “naked” workspace.'

Can I get this in other colour and material combinations?

Nope. Sorry. Don't even try asking.

Does it include plants?


Why does it smell like a Eucalyptus forest?

It doesn’t.

If I choose to install it in my nice lounge, will the pots drip on my nice carpet?

Yes. We suggest removing the pots and watering the plants outside, allowing for proper drainage and giving them some sun. Return the pots to the frame after about 30 minutes. Your plants will love you for the extra rays.

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