ORDERS FOR 2022 DELIVERY ARE SADLY CLOSED. But give us a call, there might be stock on some items :)

Terms and conditions and disclaimer


I acknowledge that the goods received are in good order and I am fully satisfied with the manner in which the goods were delivered, the packaging thereof, including the inspection by myself as well as the installation, therefore I fully agree that the goods satisfy the requirements of my order as placed. Plants are not included or supplied.


I will not claim a refund or remedy and I accept full responsibility should the goods be damaged due to misuse, abuse, or gross negligence on my part. I also accept that these foregoing factors will vitiate my warrantee and/or guarantee.


I do, however, accept that, should the goods have a defect, failure or hazard, I will immediately inform the supplier and promptly claim my refund / remedy / repairs. Pertaining to the fact that the supplier has provided warnings and safety instructions in advance, I accept that, when handling the goods, I must comply with these instructions.


The warranty period to repair / replace any defective or damaged goods is 12 (twelve) months. This does not apply to ordinary wear and tear. All powder coated parts have a 1 year warranty on flaking. Usual wear and tear not included. Outdoor products are guaranteed for 1 year on any rusting. Items damaged in transit will be collected and replaced free of charge. Warranties do not apply to products bought on sale.


All returns are at the client's cost. Sale items are not eligible for returns.


Should the client cancel a custom design commission, Joe Paine reserves the right to charge the client a cancellation fee. This fee will be calculated in accordance with the degree of work already performed. An estimate will be provided to the client at the beginning of any project, which will detail the different stages of work and the associated costs.


In cases where Joe Paine assigns a delivery service, risk and responsibility for the product is transferred to the customer at the moment of delivery. In cases where Joe Paine is responsible for the delivery of the goods, for the product is transferred to the customer at the moment of receipt.


Production time for standard product orders is 6 (six) to 8 (eight) weeks (excluding delivery time). Lead time for custom orders will be of a longer duration and an estimation thereof will be submitted to the client before the project commences. Lead times may be subject to extension leading up the yearly December industry holiday period (which generally falls between 15 December and 15 January).